Commitment is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we want to share with our customers what constitutes Nomasei’s core values, work ethics, and short-to-long-term goals to become a lasting brand.

Our commitment


We are committed to creating fashion that is sustainable and respectful of the environment. And here is how.


The sustainable development and production of our designs are an integral part of our business model and the key principles of Nomasei. The durability of our products represents for us a daily challenge that forces us to redefine our limits.

12-month goal

Bring to life an ethically-produced collection by using upcycled materials and implementing the most innovative practices in every step of the process.

Develop and produce responsibly
and sustainably

Protection of the environment can start by simply asking yourself the right questions: Do I really need this style? Why develop one material over another one? Do less to waste less is what guides our every move.

The first step to take towards fighting waste pollution is to bring a frantic overconsumption to an end. This is why we are committed to create shoes that will last. And work with the best possible partners to create timeless products that have been carefully thought-out and are crafted for longevity.

We favor quality materials and design each shoe with utmost care. Instead of following the frenetic pace of the fashion world’s seasonal collections, we choose well-thought-out designs and produce them in small quantities.

12-month transparency goal

Provide a public report showing how Nomasei and its vendors have impacted the environment with their choices and practices.

Source responsible vendors

We work with leather factories who share the same values and commitments we do. Thus, all of our partners have to hold certificates related to the reuse of gray water, minimal presence of metals and responsible treatment of waste.
And for the vendors that are too small to apply for the same costly certifications, we ask them to fill out a questionnaire provided by the OECD that, at a minimum, will state that their practices comply with the standards issued by the official certifications stated above.

We are not stopping there. We also hold our entire production chain accountable when it comes to our environmental standards. This led us to collaborate with a factory that shares our principles, responds to our high-quality requirements, perpetually questions their manufacturing process, and provides its employees optimum work environment and conditions.


Target met when it comes to sourcing and local manufacturing in Tuscany.

6-month goal

Become a carbon neutral company to offset our carbon footprint.

Reduce our carbon footprint

Made entirely in Tuscany, Nomasei only works with local manufacturing. A model that optimizes the supply chain and distribution by noticeably reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

To comply with our transparency criteria, fair prices, and respect of our customers, we are not outsourcing. From leather cutting to final assembling, everything is done in Italy and most of the time in Tuscany within a 40-km radius from the factory and our main vendors.

However, living in a globalized economy, Nomasei shoes will ship all over the world which will increase our carbon footprint. To offset that, we are committed to become a carbon neutral company.

Mid-term goal

Favor innovative steps aiming at completely eliminating any traces of plastic in our shoes.

12-month goal

Eliminate all plastics entirely.

Reduce plastic use

It isn’t an easy task to entirely get rid of plastic in the whole manufacturing process. To mitigate that, we have created our own packaging with the least possible impact by using paper, recycled cardboard, organic cotton, and biodegradable plastic whenever necessary. We even managed to convince some of our vendors to do the same and adopt our philosophy.

Our commitments


People are at the heart of each step of Nomasei’s development process. We believe that each and every company can contribute to change the world and that the fashion industry could benefit from valuing humanity.

Mid-term goal

Create partnerships with non-profits, involve parts of the population excluded from the luxury industry, and select vendors committed to ethical and social standards.

Reassert the worth of human relationships,
the group, and the sense of sharing

We communicate regularly and directly with our partners to guarantee optimal work conditions. Whenever possible, we always favor vendors committed to ethical and social standards first.

The fashion world tends to treat designers as rockstars but a designer without a team can’t go very far. Instead we favor highlighting the collective team over the individual because it is from collaborating and exchanging that the best ideas are coming to life. The name Nomasei is the epitome of that state of mind and was inspired by the work of the many hands involved in the making of a shoe.

This firm stance means we listen to and value the input of every one of our partners in order to get the best of their expertise. But also create a work environment that is inclusive and where everyone feels that they can express their creativity and vision and understands they are valued.

Settle within the region

Every Nomasei shoe is made in Montopoli, Tuscany, in a family-owned factory that cultivates relationships of proximity and trust with other preferred family-owned businesses.

Montopoli red, which can be found in the local soil and regional craftsmanship (terra cotta ceramics), and Pompei white are the colors that Nomasei adopted for its brand identity. They are both a tribute to this territorial integration and strong craftsmanship.


The values of slow fashion are profoundly anchored in our business model and constitute one of the cornerstones of Nomasei’s philosophy.

Slow fashion

Going against the frenetic pace that fast fashion dictates today, a pace that even the biggest fashion houses have submitted themselves to, we choose a slower rhythm that respects the constraints of our product and leaves the door open for imagination.
This allows us to give every shoe the attention and care they deserve. Valuing the importance of people over the pace of fashion allows for creativity to flourish and develop.

That’s why our collections are featuring just a few styles. Two creative offerings each year, completed by two Capsule collections. Less is more.


Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority and what guides us on a daily basis.

Our customers are at the heart
of what we do

The respect of our customers is Nomasei’s priority. We wish to establish a relationship of trust and respect with our customers by guaranteeing high-quality materials, processes and finishings; a fair price; honesty and transparency in all our communications. Our customers are on our minds at every step we take and decision we make.

Our commitments

Radical transparency

We are committed to providing our customers with all the necessary information to better appreciate the true value of the product they purchased. That is what we call “radical transparency”.

Honesty and transparency

All of our decisions and stances on ethics are depicted honestly and transparently in our communications. We will also share every technical improvement and innovation made in our manufacturing process. We want to build a direct relationship with our customers.

We will ask for customers’ feedback from time to time to understand how their shoes are aging, whether or not they are comfortable.

For each product, we will come up with a detailed list of all the elements that will justify the price that our customers are paying.


We will reveal the first two cards “Who Made My Shoes” during the launch of the first collection, and two more with each new collection so our customers can discover some of the trades that constitute our industry.

Who made my shoes

Transparency also means being inclusive and taking into consideration the feedback of our customers. This is why every Nomasei product comes with a “Who Made My Shoes” card.
These cards are meant to celebrate the value and participation of each person in the handcrafting of the shoes. We want to bring to light the work of the hands that often remain otherwise behind the scenes. With these cards, we want to explain the different know-hows that constitute our trade as well as feature the lives of some of the people that have crafted the shoes our customers are wearing.

A small contribution to re-humanizing the work of each and everyone.

Fair pricing

Our goal is to democratize the luxury shoe market by ensuring ours are available to a wider audience and adjusting our prices to be as fair as possible.

While our competitors often significantly inflate their costs resulting in higher priced shoes, we have decided to reduce our margins. Having a more flexible online distribution model with no intermediaries between our factories and our customers’ closet allows us to offer the best price – quality ratio.

To conclude, we work relentlessly to improve our processes, reduce Nomasei’s impact, and ensure radical transparency in our communication with our customers.
These commitments shape a system of values that is a standard to respect and a goal to meet each and every day.