Material care

Before the first use, we advise you to waterproof your shoes and to renew this operation frequently.

For styles in smooth leather, printed python and croc:
Clean your shoes with a wet and soft cloth before applying any product.
Nourish them: apply, with a specific sponge for shoes, a color neutral moisturizing cream in order to deeply rehydrate the leather. Or, apply a colored cream for shoes that will help restore the original radiance of the leather.
Make them shine: to make your shoes shine, use a soft-bristle brush for smooth leather.

For styles in semi-patent and glazed leather:
Remove the dust from your shoes with a dry soft cloth.
Clean gently with a soft wet cloth.

For styles in kid or cow-suede leather:
Waterproof your shoes with a specific spray for suede before the first use.
Remove the stains with a specific rubber for suede leather.
Remove the dust with a specific brush for suede leather in order to restore the original fluffy appearance.
Revive the color: once your shoes are clean, use a specific tinted spray for suede.

CAREFUL: preferably use good quality shoe care products

Bad quality products contain a lot of chemicals that will damage your leather and your shoes in the long term. You can find the right products in a true Shoe Repair shop.